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About Me

The world is becoming smaller and smaller. One company in the north end of the planet is doing work with another in the south end. Firms located in the west are collaborating with those in the east. This fact becomes apparent to us when we were relocated from our home country to a brand new one by our employers. While it was exciting to live and work in a place that was unexplored, it had its drawbacks. Language became a significant barrier.

As English-speaking natives, it took us a lot of time and effort to learn another language. It took even more hard work to speak it well enough for proper conversation. It was at this juncture that we decided to create a platform that helped people learn new languages. Salish World was born out of the need to inform individuals about the benefits of gaining a second language.

Today, the blog gives every data possible about dialects. Our vision is to aid others in their journey on learning a new tongue. Our hope is to ensure that people don’t face the same obstacles and burdens we faced while gaining the ability to verbalise in an original speech.