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Language Blog About Montana Salish

With its origin among the Flathead Indians, Montana Salish is on the doorsteps of extinction, but the efforts by a few dedicated individuals have kept those doors closed. The Salish to English and English to Salish dictionary that was compiled by Father Gregory Menagrini in the latter part of the nineteenth century can help in learning Salish.

The arrival of institutions fighting to save Salish from dying down

Organizations such as the Salish Language Institute can also provide you with a lot of learning material in case you want to learn this Native American language. A fair amount of useful information is also available on some websites. If you are a Native American of the Kootenai or Salishan tribes, then you must join the fight to save this language. If you learn its basics, then you can teach to the kids in your family. Whatever you can do to protect this language will help in preserving your culture and revitalizing Montana Salish.

How can you play your part in the rejuvenation of Montana Salish?

Hands-on lessons for your kids can also go a long way in making sure that Montana Salish does not die down in the coming years. Montana Salish is a language that does not require too much formality. As a result of this, people can learn it without too much of an effort. However, speaking it is a little hard because of a large number of consonants with very few vowels. Proper training is essential if you want to become a fluent speaker of Montana Salish.

The importance of language classes at Salish Learning Institute, Montana

There is little doubt that when a language is on the verge of extinction, then the importance of language classes and learning material becomes paramount. At the Salish Learning Institute and the Immersion Preschools, you can get the most relevant class as well as learning material that will help with your Montana Salish.

The glorious history of Salish and its various dialects

You might find it hard to believe that in the 1700s you could communicate easily with people of Montana if you knew Salish. You did not even need the ability to speak English for easy and smooth conversation. This is strong evidence of the fact Montana Salish has enjoyed a grand existence in the past. Its vast history makes the present status not only unbelievable but extremely tragic.

Even, UNESCO has stated that with very few fluent speakers, the Montana Salish will not remain an active language soon. So, the efforts to save it and rejuvenate it must be doubled. Losing such a crucial part of the Native American history will be a terrible event. It is not just about history but also about preserving an integral aspect of the culture of such a large number of Native American tribes.

It is vital that fluent speakers of this language who are above the age of 50 make efforts to teach their family members the various nuances of Salish. Only an extraordinary amount of dedication can ensure that Montana Salish continues to exist and grow in the future.

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